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Integrating Jenkins + Maven + GitHub

First of all we need to setup Jenkins in our device for that we can refer to the blog here.


  • Jenkins installed and confiured on device.

Integrating Jenking with GitHub and Maven

1) First we need to launch Jenkins in our device using the specified IP and login to the Jenkins server using the credentials.

Alt Text

2) Create a new item and select the maven project and give it a name.

Alt Text

3) In the settings, we need to go to he Source Control Management option and select Git as our version control repository.

4) Enter the credentials of GitHub (if required) and the URL of the repo to work with.

Alt Text

5) Specify the pom file location.

6) Specify the maven goals to run.

Alt Text

7) Click on Save and Apply.

8) Run and test the build

Alt Text

Congratulations, you have integrated Jenkins with GitHub and Maven.

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