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Thanks for this article! I liked it. My career path has been one towards software architecture.

I highly recommend this video on Deliberate Architecture. He makes so many good points along the way. But the crux of it is that a software architect is responsible primarily for designing qualities into a system of software that match the business needs. Some example qualities (with a range of grades): reliability, operation cost, performance, maintainability, scaleability, security, usability, etc.

There is a lot of experience / education that goes behind knowing how to achieve different combinations of qualities. And it does require soft skills to draw out the required qualities from the customer. Because if you ask the customer, all of the qualities are supremely important. :) But in practice, they really only care about a few of them enough to spend extra money in those areas.

Anyway, just thought I would add that.


Thank you! I'm glad it resonated for you. Moreover, I appreciate the information you've shared. It's really useful.

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