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I guess my dream is to have the resources (especially the ability to hire fellow devs) to explore my ideas and contribute useful things to the world at large. Many things I want to do, I cannot accomplish alone. Maybe like the artists of old, I need a patron to sponsor the work. I could start my own company I suppose, but that brings a lot of new problems that I don't want to focus on. My current job enables me to work (slowly) towards one or two of my ideas, so that's pretty cool.

But I have several projects I want to do. Examples.

  • pull-based event-driven architecture on the cloud - Most existing ones I read about push events to subscribers (e.g. Kafka) or else "pull" is really poll. I have an idea for pub/sub event notification separate from event fetching. So listeners really are pulling, and only what they need.
  • functional event-sourced api templates - At work, we arrived at a really clean non-frameworky implementation for our API (in F#). I'd love to polish it up and release it open source as a template that you adjust to your needs. Several small libraries I developed (at home) in support of this probably also need released. But I am very wary of needing to maintain such things if people did like them -- I probably won't make time.
  • chess solver - Given an exabyte, the compute resources, and experts in storage and hashing, I believe I can map every possible chess move within my lifetime. These are napkin-math estimates based on the storage size of each self-contained board. I developed an encoding to get down to between 2 and ~24 bytes per board... most boards being closer to the middle in size. So it could all fit in an exabyte.
  • event-sourced game engine - An ECS variation informed by so many arch things I learned from business systems. Probably a Unity Store product. Unity by default is horrendously frameworky, and I don't like that.
  • space video game - Slogan: design, automate, build your empire.
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