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They told me the wrong time and then got mad that I didn't show up on time

Ah that had happened to me too. Made it a point from then on to always double confirm the times with the interviewers.

For me, it was a phone interview. I was in a different time zone, but the HR didn't account for that in scheduling it, and I didn't think of it. Scheduled it for 3pm, giving me a hour to get home from university class (this was many years ago, before cell phones were common place). I get home and see a voice mail message and I play it. It was the engineers who were going to interview me, saying they are calling at their 3pm (my 2pm), again at their 3:30 (my 2:30pm), and couldn't get a hold of me, and then he attempted to hang up the phone, but apparently it didn't fully sit in the phone slot to hang up. The voice mail continued to record them talking about me, how I wasn't available for the interview, and so on. After 2 minutes of small talk, the voice mail message stops. They call again and my 3pm, and we figure out the timezone issue. Interview goes fine, give me an offer, and I turn it down for one in another in my home city.

well, i missed an interview, it's a big company so i went the next day at lunch (because always there is some one who miss lunch time) and told them "hey, no one told me the hour so i am here now". They apologized and make me the interview. Everything went well but I got another job. haha

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