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Some context from infosec/malware expert MalwareTech (Marcus Hutchins):

Also probably not worth bringing any attention to "Anonymous" accounts. Many high-profile ones were recently promoting a "hack" of the Minneapolis PD, that ended up being entirely bogus (Sourced from Troy Hunt, another infosec expert and founder of Have I Been Pwned).

Many "Anonymous" accounts are also jumping on top of recent events for social media spread:


Spicier opinion time: This kind of BS shouldn't be promoted on this site.


Knowing Ben I don't think he was "promoting" this BS but rather making a post about a current event to foster discussion. He didn't say "American Communications Companies ARE Under DDoS Attack" he said "American Communications Companies Appear to Be Under DDoS Attack" which given the information he had at the time seemed to be correct.

I think the best part of this community is its ability to foster discussion. Your response alone gave me more information on the topic than I had been able to previously get in my (admittedly limited) searching.

At the very least I'm happy this post got made so I could read your, Ari's, and
daoleno's response. I learned a lot from them.

@ben maybe the title can be modified with something along the lines of [Update: Debunked]. I agree the comments on this are informative and interesting. But I think the title suggests there was an actual cyber attack, which, especially from the founder of the platform, I think is inappropriate. At the very least misleadingly clickbaity.

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