Marcus Hutchins and America's Plea Deal Problem

Derek Kuhnert on December 01, 2018

[Note: I am not a lawyer, and this is not legal advice. If you get legal advice from a blog post, there is no helping you.] Yesterday, a court r... [Read Full]
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Also, this is relevant (for US legal system). The advice in this video goes against my normal instincts -- to be open and cooperative -- but this video makes a lot of sense.


This is an excellent presentation and everyone should watch it on repeat.


This reminds me (loosely) of the story in Michael Lewis’ Flashboys in the lack of mutual agreement or understanding on how software is used and re-used.

Good read:


Nice article. Sad thing but looks like someone doing a career. Guy came to the summit and suddenly criminal case was appeared from nothing, how I understood he never has been warn by US authorities. So, attackers are still free, random guy goes in prison. FBI guys fit new ranks - good job.


Great concise article on what i am sure is vastly more complex topic in detail.
This is what infuriates me a lot about the current status of American politics. There are a great many actual important issues that need laws and legal concepts formed around, how responsible are the VW engineers who programmed the work around emissions testing what about their managers, what about hte guy who just did the code review; are the software engineers who work at Uber legally liable for that death, how responsible is a guy/gal who made code for the next person to use it in a bad way? Almost all tech laws are vastly out of date and weren't that well designed to begin with. Wiretap legislation to get people for Malware issues...really? Why not just throw in RICO violations too?
While I hate clicking that dang "accept" for cookies now bc of GDPR, is something like that an actual good thing. Cambridge yeah how do you think FB/Google make money on free services, they are selling your digital self, what property rights do I have to my digital self? Nope we will get endless Russian collusion or Build the Wall antics instead....its easier.

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