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In short, pay attention to whether your post title should be in the form of a question. I've seen far too many posts with titles "How do I do X in Java", or "What does this concept mean?" that actually are just articles answering the question. This gives off the first impression (before the article is clicked on) that you actually don't know the answer, and others who would normally be interested in what you have to say, would decide not to click your title.

The inverse applies as well. If you have a question or are trying to wrap your head around it, make that visible in the title (e.g. "I'm trying to understand this concept" or "What is this thing even about?"). Don't just make a title like "Polymorphism in Java" if it should really be called "Help me understand polymorphism in Java".

Keeping an eye on the title of your post and how it should be phrased, can make it more likely that your intended audience will be interested and click.

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For the first ~2 months here, I'm positive I missed some good articles because I just skipped anything that seemed to be a question seeking advice unless I was expressly interested in looking in the comments for the answer.


Good observations.

I've had the same issue and probably skipped a fair share of those articles too.



Great tips! I also recommend #tagging your posts appropriately for categorization and giving context into the article/post before viewing.