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re: Hi Kumar, I'm sorry to tell you, but your tutorial is not a quality work... the description you have written it's simply not enough to a nodejs ...

Hey! Thank you so much! This means so much to me!

I will be taking care that I don't make over-assumptions about what people know and don't know.

Thank you again!

Also, if possible, can you please give me this critical feedback on my other posts as well? This will help me improve!

Will update the article this weekend.


I can write feedback later of course, but my most important suggestions in every case would be:

  • Everything need to be reproducible and verifiable by others

    • This is why the professionals use git where they put their code/configuration/settings etc. and attach the URL for the example before/after the article
  • If you write tutorials for beginners (I can assume this by the topic choice), everything should be written in step-by-step manner (where to put exactly what, what to uncommet, or where to cut from, what are the main steps, main stages and snapshots of the code for a given step/functionality etc.)

  • What are the requirements/environment/dependencies (that's OK in your case because npm makes this easy), how to install or set them. The dependencies/URLs might break by time, they always should be checked whether they are still valid.

Thanks, will look forward to implementing these from next tutorials I create! Will also update the last ones.

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