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Discussion on: Displaying Markdown/ Strapi Rich Text in the Nuxt Frontend.

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Mateusz Kwiatkowski

My stack includes Gridsome instead of Nuxt.

I have tried to take advantage of the postrender function, which markdown parser offers, but Vue can't parsed the code correctly, so a router-link will be rendered direct in DOM. Instead I need to try to build some sort of wrapper component, which use Vue render function. Then hopefully it should work.

What's bother me also is the fact, that without any structure for rich text content it is (almost I guess) impossible to build any complicated layout, which would involve some CSS usage. It seems like Strapi want to make the content so simple as possible and tend to prefer stack layout, which make sense especially on mobile.

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Christopher Wray Author • Edited on

Actually, you can use dynamic fields in Strapi to build pretty complex layouts! You should check out the Strapi tutorials.

Like I said though before I do agree that the Rich text is not very nice./: