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Good question and congrats :).

How hard much harder is it, to publish both Android and IOS, vs just IOS?

To get the last question out of the way, I'd say if you face any red tape it's almost certainly going to be on iOS side. Also the time bottleneck is going to be iOS side too, publishing can take 1-2 days but sometimes more.

What should I be prepared for when publishing my app?

I can't give you a simple one sized fits all answer here, but I would say that as long as you're not doing something outrageous you'll probably be ok. Best thing I can do is list some of the common scenarios I've found that might catch you out:

  • If you're using media that's subject to copyright you may need to prove you have rights to use it (we had to prove we had rights from opta for developing dugout FC)
  • If you're using chat (particularly anonymous), you'll need a way for users to report people and block people.
  • If you're developing an app for a client who has a registered organisation you need to make them register their own iTunes connect account with their iban, don't try to use your own.
  • Your app needs to have a functional use and can't be purely informational.
  • Your app needs to be useful in someway shape or form for anyone that could come across it, not just specific users (e.g. invitation only)
  • If you're attempting to white label an app, iOS state there needs to be a functional difference and not just informational.

With the above being said it literally depends sometimes on who views it.

What can I do to help avoid headaches during the process?

  • Put the app through the review process early for iOS, if you check the option for manual release you could just leave it there and keep developing.
  • Get all of your metadata early. There are tools for generating all sized icons, take screenshots of the app in the biggest iPad and iphone, you'll need these to submit, iTunes connect can now auto resize to smaller devices.

You rock and that was greatly informative. Thank you so much.

That's alright, enjoying all these questions!

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