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16 | not great at solving problem | fall in love with ⚛️ | building applications with 💜

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The keyword "new" in JavaScript

Impressive Explanation ❤

What advise will I give to someone in his twenties

Most amazing thing is : I'm 16 and I read this type of life ...

An Ultimate Guide to Git and Github

Hey , do learning git commands worth in 2021 ? Whether you ca...

7 Tips to Make Sure You Don't Get Your Dream Developer Job

many thanks

My Top 10 YouTube Channels for Programmers

Dude! You forgot about DEV Ed!

Best VS Code extensions for Front End Dev

Woo, you got a nice list 👏👏

Linux Cheat Sheet For Beginners

I truly respect and Appreciate your hardWork mann !

How I started with a Technical Blog

Really thanks for the killer POINTS !

7 Tips to Make Sure You Don't Get Your Dream Developer Job

And also Does anyone hire a 16 years old kid who learnt to c...

Create An IMDB Web Scraper Using JS

Many thanks for the info. But this blog is all about extracti...

10 useless NPM Package with millions of downloads

After this Blog, I made the odd-even library and consoled my...

Smallest Common Multiple

use three " backtickes ( ` )" on the beginning of the codebox...

Smallest Common Multiple

Hey , I recommend using the code theme in the codebox, just ...

How to add a video to your GitHub README

just figured out how to upload videos.. thanks Matt !!!!

Best Open Source Tools For Developers 🛠

And I am in love with brave browser !!

A simple and easy way to validate form fields

I am comfortable using JOI for form validation. It is a very...

34 Must have Chrome Extensions for Web Developers and Designers

Hey, I am 16. ( And also dream to be a fullstack Dev) Very h...

Chrome Extensions Every Developer Should Have

Wappalyzer is the real game changer

101 Tips to Make You a Better Developer

Hey Whats a serverless function?

25 Tips for New Developers: Advice from a (Mostly) Self-Taught Software Engineer

Yes Thats a useful comment.English is my third language. And...

Future You Will Never Think Current You Was Too Old to Learn Software Engineering

Hey, Is it too young to be a part time front end developer in...

Concepts you should know to be a master of JavaScript

Thanks alot. You saved me

Concepts you should know to be a master of JavaScript

Dude , I am new at , Can You please tell me how to in...

9 Projects you can do to become a Frontend Master