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Host your website on GitHub Pages

Did you know that you can host a website on GitHub, for free ?

No ? Then let me show you.

You need to create a repository that has the following name :
for me this would be, and make it public.

Then, simply to test it, I am going to create an index.html file with a bit of code and I will push it on github.

Simple bit of code

  • Then initialize the repo with git init
  • Create a commit with git add . and git commit -m "First commit" 
  • Create the main branch with git branch -M main
  • Link your local repo to the git repository with git remote add origin 
  • Finally push with git push -u origin main

Wait for a minute or so, and go to the following url : and 🎉 your website appears.


Originally posted on my blog. Check out my instagram account to learn more about web development.

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