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re: Hello Tracy, thanks so much for taking the time to talk to us! ❤️ I'm super curious about how you got into programming (in general) and web develop...

Hi Anna! I just picked up the computer and learned HTML/CSS/JS one month and kept going! The community is what kept me going - being constantly surrounded by people who were awesome and as passionate. MENTORS as well - if I didn't have mentors around me I'd just sit there for hours at at time stuck. My mentors even now help me get unstuck and when they do I realize that I was only 1% away from a solution. When I do it by myself, I feel like I am 80% away from the solution.

RxJS core team - they were all friends and they needed a little bit of help with organization, the docs, and just some new energy so I was just there, helping out, and then a few months later, I became officially part of the RxJS core team!

I use evernote to stay organized. Religiously! I also have a very intense calendar. I plan out my year in Nov/Dec so I can very much tell you where I'll be in December. :)

And by plan everything out - I mean I plan out all my monthly social activities and put it on my calendar, as well as events, conferences, and where I'll be physically in the world! My calendar is usually booked out a month in advance.

I also make sure I have time for myself to code in that time. :) I meditate to stay recharged, cook, and go on walks. But sometimes I also just sit in bed and complain to my BFF @benlesh (jk but not really).


Thank you so much for your answer! So cool to hear how you got into the crazy world of the internet. I hear you on mentorship - so awesome to have great people with unsticking powers around you :D

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