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How I wrote my first npm package?

This is my first post on, I hope it will help you in some way.

Before everything

Long before I decided to make an npm package, I wanted to get in open source. I tried a couple of times but lost motivation soon after.

How I got into it

I was working on my personal project, and I wanted to create some functionality, but couldn't find an npm package for it. I started building it from scratch. It was fairly simple to build, it took me a day or so.

After some time I got an idea to publish it, but then I realized that what worked for me at the moment might not be good for someone else. I rewrote everything in its own repository and wrote a bunch of unit tests to make sure everything is correct.


Don't force yourself to write open-source software, it will come to you when you are ready. I learned a lot from this little project. And I hope this article inspired you in some way. You can find my npm package here.

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