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svenanderson profile image Sven Anderson ・2 min read

About one month ago, we have launched Lambda Store. Since then we got very productive feedback from our users. Probably the most popular question was about if we have a public API. Since then, we have been working on our developer API and now I am happy to announce that Lambda Store Developer API is publicly available.

What are the possible use-cases of Lambda Store developer API?

1- Automation: You will be able to automate the tasks normally you would do through Lambda Store console. For example, using our API in your scripts, you can create a Redis database when a job starts execution, and delete it when the job is terminated in an automated way.

2- Applications: You can write applications which embeds Lambda Store as a data layer. For example, if you have an application where your customers create customized web sites, you can create a Lambda Store database for each customer at the background using our API.

3- Integrations: Redis is being used as a cache/data layer for many projects. Our API will make it possible to integrate Lambda Store as a plugin for other technologies and products. As Lambda Store team, some integration projects are already in our short term roadmap. The public API makes it possible for anyone to integrate Lambda Store to other products. If you have an idea, give us a shout about it on twitter.

4- Infrastructure as code: Public API makes it possible Lambda Store to be leveraged in infrastructure as code technologies. As the first example, we will announce our Terraform provider soon. You will be able to setup Redis (Lambda Store) databases using Terraform scripts.

How to start?

To use the API, first you need to create an API key. It should be dead simple but still we have a guide in case you need it.

Once you have an API key, you can start using our API following Lambda Store API docs.

api key

Audit Logs

In addition to Developer API, we added audit logs into the Lambda Store console. In audit logs, you will see every action affecting your account and databases. You will be able to track the operations performed by different API keys. We recommend to create different API keys for different applications so you can track the activity in application basis.

Alt Text

What’s Next?

We created the public API in its simplest form. There are areas that can be improved. API keys can support different permission policies (e.g. readonly). Or we can add more metrics and analytics on API key usage. But we first want to gather your feedback. So looking forward to hearing your feedback at feedback@lambda.store or in our Gitter channel.

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