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re: It's definitely super great for keeping you motivated and for as you said, your own benefit. I suspect the reason why it isn't more popular is tha...

Yeah, that probably right.

Just a few things how I see it after some years of experience in the real world:

  • You will never ever know everything even if you just would focus on web development.
  • There is always someone smart out there
  • I don't think that people, in general, are bad. My experience is that people instead would try to help you
  • You can mute people in the chat or ban them ;)

I started streaming because I would like to have input from other people, and it also forces me to do stuff. So yeah if someone comes to the chat and says that's wrong, then I'm happy and would ask him to help if he does not like to help then not. I'm still ahead of them for trying and failing than doing nothing and being a dick on the internet.

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