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re: I would highly recommend using Git Bash as it gives you information about the branch you are working on right in the terminal compared to command p...

Hi Saurabh,

I just looked at the plugin and it looks pretty awesome. But the issue I see is now is that even though the plugin can be installed for Powershell, you still need to install Git through the means I provided in the article. This now means the user has to install two things rather than one.

While it may be small, I personally would stay with Git Bash, especially for the Linux commands and so that I wouldn't have to install another thing on my system.

To each is their own, and I will take your comment and add it into the article, thanks for the feedback and another tool to use!

  • Landon

So here is my thing; it isn't always about installing the fewest things or whatever. It is about having the tools to do the job in the way that works best for you; especially when those things don't add additional strife to others on your team.

If you are working on Windows -- you are going to benefit from using PowerShell. Especially if you spend some time to customize your profile (just like you would with your bashrc, etc)

If you are working primarily with Linux systems then it makes sense to stick with that. You have the Linux Subsystem for Windows that is pretty slick.

The only issue I take with the article (all very good information) is that it is implied that this is THE proper way to do it. That just isn't the case. There is more than one way to skin this cat; and when personal opinion comes into play (like it does with so many things about how you do work) it is not really possible to say "this way is the correct way".


I'd highly recommend for Windows. It includes Linux commands, git, and more!

yeah, cmder is the coolest terminal available for windows along with

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