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Q/A with React 18 Working Group

Lakshya Thakur
I like to have creative insights towards my subjects and apply my engineering skills for problem solving.
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React devs hosted a Q/A regarding React 18 features on Twitter Spaces yesterday 💡.

Some points of discussion were :-
📌 Batching of state updates
📌 The new startTransition API
📌 Concurrency model in React
📌 How research happens in React team ?
📌 Overhaul of React docs is happening in the background.
📌 How this Working Group idea came about ?

Also, did you know ?
📌 React could have been named FBolt ⚡️
📌 Suspense API could have been named Placeholder 🤔

I think this mini tech discussion event was interesting. Got to know about OG React team members too.

Also, they were hinting at more of such discussions in the future.

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