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Discussion on: My mixed feelings about Tailwind CSS

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I am sorry that you are finding TWCSS a bit difficult to integrate with directives. But why would I want to use CSS in JS in the first place? TWCSS is a CSS in the first place, looking at your review one might think you feel the same for the SASS as well...TWCSS miht have its downsides for sure but it is certainly not a directive creation. I have been working with TWCSS for a long time now and did not find any major flaw, and to sum up it seems you haven't been using it very thouroughly to give a honest review. I mean even in the official tutorials creator suggests to create own directives so that the code is more readable, and to use it directly in the html for quick tweaks. And e.g. even if you have a long string of css classes in the html, once you are done with cssing you can extract it without any pain. I am not a TWCSS advocate, even if I have written 2 articles about TWCSS, but I did not read here any concrete downside.

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David Teren

This is not so much a review as it is a hijacking of TWCSS to shamelessly promote his own framework. 🤦‍♂️

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Greg Fletcher

I don't see that at all. The author pointed out the good and bad things about TailwindCSS and had a custom solution. Nothing wrong with that! I love seeing people's creativity.