A Farewell to Ten Mile Square

Laurie on October 24, 2019

After almost three and a half years I've made the incredibly hard decision to leave Ten Mile Square. When I arrived, I was a software engineer in t... [Read Full]
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All best Laurie, you joining DEV as well? πŸ˜„


Good luck with next leap in your career. ☺️☺️


Great post Laurie! Good luck in your future adventures!


With all the stuff you have done, you couldn't go wrong with helping DEV... or so many other possibilities! A lot of doors are open for you - wishing you great success in your career!


Best wishes on your future endeavors! Also, great webinar today with Women Who Code Front End on Human Readable JavaScript!


I enjoyed reading your story but was waiting to hear why you are leaving Ten Mile Square- what lured you away?


A fun new opportunity!

I'll be sharing it shortly.

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