Honey, I Type Checked The Children

Laurie on May 13, 2019

Join me as we continue on our quest to explain and understand boilerplate code! Today we're going to dive into PropTypes in React. I was actually ... [Read Full]
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A fun way to look at PropTypes :) Nicely written.

I see PropTypes increasingly replaced by static type checking, be it Flow or TypeScript. The advantage is that you don't have the overhead and warnings on live and still have the full type checking (and even more versatile one) in development.

What's your opinion on static vs. dynamic type checking?


I'm a big fan of static type checking! But writing something in Typescript isn't as simple as writing JS and adding types; at least not if you want to follow best practices. So dynamic type checking is a nice middle ground. Giving you some of those features without changing what you know.


Great! I'm loving this series! (And Epic title for this one haha)

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