re: Why I Deleted My IDE; and How It Changed My Life For the Better VIEW POST


Umm, my IDE knows how to (re)deploy Docker, uses a remote interpreter inside it, gives me 1-click access to databases that I tunnel through SSH to, helps me avoid hundreds of tiny bugs with code analysis, does a mean find-replace accross my whole project while excluding the /vendor folder, runs tests with overrides/command-line params I have saved at a click of a button and analizes my test coverage, should the need arise automatically uploads changed files via FTP, has all kinds of version control and framework integrations, etc.

As a programmer one can afford however powerful laptop is needed to get the job done, so making performance a main issue really doesn't compute for me.

One should know how to get things done with Vim if your laptop suddenly burns down, but IDEs make for a far more effective everyday coder.

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