What was your first remote job?

πŸ’» What was your first remote job?
✈️ How did you find it?
🌎 And what did you do to get it?

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I actually wanna become a remote software engineer, but I'm kinda scared because I don't know how to get clients, the payment methods, and other stuff. If you can give me some advice I would appreciate it.

We are in the same boat. πŸ›ΆπŸ˜

To get started, Ivan Neto has a great post on dev.to.


8 years ago here in Colombia. I couldn't believe the philosophy of the company regarding work always remotely and no have an office.
I found this job in a normal webpage related to offers jobs so basically, I think I was a lucky developer.
I only applied it and that's it. actually, it was easy. I worked in that company for 6 years

πŸ’» What was your first remote job?
Full-stack web dev, which is my current job.

✈️ How did you find it?
Googled "ruby remote japan"

🌎 And what did you do to get it?
I did couple of interviews including few technical questions, but overall it was to assess culture fit.


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I keep hearing about remote jobs unfortunately I have never had one. The closest experience is a a slack hangout for other "job-hunters" like myself and they just shared links to freelancer and upwork gigs πŸ˜‘

First remote job?

Full stack developer / Business Developer.

How i got it?
I started free web development training on whatsapp, attracted 75 developers and one of students refer me

What i did?
Just technical interview with his friend who works for Microsoft after then i got the job

I'm trying to break into this field at the moment.

What would you recommend to get started/crack into the field?

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