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Discussion on: Why Tailwind Isn't for Me

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Lars Gyrup Brink Nielsen

Thanks for sharing. This looks cleaner, but I'm still wondering why this would be considered more beneficial than CSS Custom Properties except maybe for Internet Explorer support.

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Manuel Sommerhalder • Edited on

You can also use custom properties with Tailwind. Imagine you get a design (system) and have to implement it. You get some colors, margins, paddings, font definitions along with the design. You edit the tailwind configuration file:

module.exports = {
  theme: {
    colors: {
      primary: 'var(--color-primary, #000000)',
      seconday: 'var(--color-secondary, #333333)',
    text: {
      hecto: 'var(--text-hecto, 14px)',
      octa: 'var(--text-octa, 16px)'
    // margins, paddings
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Now you will a get all (soon to be) needed (responsive) utility classes to build your components with, which are also themeable with css custom properties: text-primary bg-primary sm:bg-secondary border-primary hover:bg-primary....

It gives us a unified language where frontenders don't have to think about naming classes anymore and use a consistent language across different projects. You and others working on that project can easier implement the design, because ideally you now the class names by just looking at the design/figma. With vscode autocompletion and tailwind config viewer, it makes developing a joy. :)

With just custom properties, the class names are not set, different names across projects. It's not ensured, that the custom props are used by every developer when adapting new features, no responsive prototyping, and and and.