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I agree that coding is hard, I agree that you have to be all in and it is expensive, I believe though that job placement is easy, having gone through it myself. It's a numbers game, those who complete boot camp and never stop submitting, will eventually get a job. Before bootcamp I spent years trying to get into IT, after bootcamp at general assembly, I was hired over Christmas break of all times, a year later I started making 6 figures as a Sr. Front end dev. The demand is that high, I also spent 8 years working full-time and doing some night school computer science classes never making it into IT. Despite all the free resources available, or the individual college courses, or on the job basic web html/WordPress experience I had, nothing could tie all the concepts together for real web app development as good as bootcamp. What made me a success story is recognizing that bootcamp alone isnt the answer. Boot camp prepared you to be able to talk to the tech needed in today's industry to get the first job, it doesn't stop at bootcamp, the first job is your continued education and your first employer will understand that. The hardship is not giving up, submitting 40+ quality resume/apps a week, networking with meetups and embracing the dev lifestyle. If you do these things continuously you will become a web developer and enjoy a very decent income as a result.


That's amazing! And I completely agree with you that the bootcamp itself isn't the answer. Perseverance and determination never go wrong!

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