Spanish WebDev Blogs: Your Recommendations

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Hi there!

As the title suggests, I'm looking for Web Development Blogs en español to step up my reading skills! In school, I'm currently learning Spanish. But I really hate reading my schoolbooks texts on travel destinations, food and other basic stuff! I want to learn it by reading stuff I'm actually interested in. So please tell me, what are the best tech and WebDev related blogs you know?

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Hi! Unfortunately there are only a few blogs (that I know) en español :/
The two that I know are these:
Articles of Código Facilito: ¿Cómo Crear Peticiones Con Javascript?.
Blog of Platzi: Qué hay de nuevo en React Router


Thanks! Yeah, I was already wondering if I'm just too dumb to find them with my crappy half-Spanish Google searches!


Hi! I don't write too often these days but I try to publish at least once a year 🤣. Kidding.

You're more than welcome to pass by my Spanish blog where I write about web development. I don't write tutorials but findings or things I learnt while working/coding.

Feel free to visit Otro Espacio Blog anytime you want :)


Hey Francisco! Thanks, I'll definitely have a look!

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