I think explaining is important

Updated on Jul 28, 2018

When you try to learn something new, I think it's important to explain the something with your word.

If you can explain the something with your word, that means you understand what it is.

I constantly update dev.to to learn new ideas that interested me. I knew nothing 1.5 years ago but I know a lot now about coding (not enough yet though). Even if you are beginner, I think you should explain some new ideas with your word to make the idea yours. And, if possible, share the explaning (dev.to is great for the purpose).

From my experience, explaining (with your word and honesty) is the fastest way to learn.

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You're absolutely right. I want to talk about the Oracle APEX / PL/SQL stuff I do on here, but I just need to get the time/confidence to do so aha!

When you have time, I hope you enjoy writing about them ☺️

100% agreed. Teaching/presenting something is a great way of reinforcing learning.

You've been writing amazing articles and step-by-step guides — thank you for sharing with the community!

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