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re: Welcome! Congrats on graduating. I'm no expert at all, but I once had to choose between learning iOS and web development. I ended up with web deve...

My final year project was actually an iOS app so i'm not entirely useless when it comes to iOS. I've mostly been drifting to web development because I was feeling a bit burnout with iOS. But I think you're right; understanding programming concepts can (mostly) be applied across different areas. I've been following the Eloquent JavaScript book as a way to ease myself back into coding.

But yeah, thanks for your response!

I hear that!
It's easy to get burnt out with any technology- I was the opposite. Started learning web, found iOS and migrated towards that.

Personally, there's a lot of exciting things going on in mobile with Ar and Vr and Internet of Things, that it keeps it interesting! Mobile kind of has been encapsulating everything that doesn't fit everywhere else.

But any technology you learn will not be wasted. And agree that the principles and concepts are what's important starting out 😊😊

Yeah i've been keeping an eye on a some Ar stuff and it looks so cool!!

My current plan is to spend a bunch of time delving into web development and then move back into mobile development when I get some fresh ideas.

Despite 3 years in uni I still feel like a noob programmer so I'm enjoying going back through some of the basics in a new language

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