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Discussion on: Agile/Scrum for a self-taught developer?

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Leighton Darkins

One very important thing to remember about agile as a methodology/philosophy is that it isn't prescriptive. Agile is a set of values that may or may not be applicable to a variety of situations - nothing is mandatory. You don't have to choose customer collaboration over contract negotiation for example, but it'd be better for everyone if you could.

You can very confidently join any team that works using agile principles after having read and appreciated the agile manifesto.

SCRUM (and frameworks like it) represent a significantly more prescriptive application of agile principles. It's in these frameworks that you'll start to run into hard and fast rules and roles. It can be super useful to understand what those roles might mean. But be prepared to find that every organization will sprinkle their own flavor on top of those rules and roles.

I could go on for days about why I think agile/SCRUM certification is for silly-bears. But I won't. All I'll say is that there's absolutely no need to be certified to work as a developer in a SCRUM/agile environment. Being familiar (even just in theory) about the principles and typical rules and roles is more than enough.