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re: An Introvert's Guide to Being Sociable: Sending Argumentative Emails VIEW POST


"Go ahead and write"

"Remove the TO"

These pieces of advice (since I received them many years ago) have been invaluable to me.

When something irks me, or I feel like I need to write a long-form response to something I'll draft an email to no-one and see how I feel about sending it once I'm done writing. Typically these messages don't get sent. If I feel like there's something salient to say, I'll usually have that chat in person.

Recently, I've gotten into the habit of saving my unsent rant emails so I can review them much later on (months, or years later). Now I have a folder overflowing with entertaining arguments about testing tools, frontend frameworks, why there's no reason to use Java when Kotlin exists etc.

It's incredibly humbling to look back at these arguments, and It's remarkable how frequently I think past-me is a self-important tool 😂

Great to see this advice echoed here 👍

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