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Discussion on: How to grow in a developer career despite being introvert?

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Leonardo Teteo Author

That's my impression of some interviews I had in the past years, there were some that I strongly believe that they eliminated me because they realized that I was introvert, nothing makes me think otherwise. The first internship I got had a less subjective method giving scores for important aspects and I almost had a perfect score in the technical test and I was not particularly bad in the group interview. This one I said I was introvert, until there I didn't mention it if they didn't ask since it is clearly bad to business, at least around here. My current job interview was the same, I said everything, now I'm more open about it, the environment was also more comfortable to have a honest conversation.

It is not an excuse, I would never use it as an excuse to not go since most of the time it is not an option, I had to do a thirty minutes graduation final project presentation, I prepared for weeks and I was proud of the result. In my first internship I also had to go to a grand stage to present the results of the intern and there I realized that having a microphone to make sure everybody is listening helps a lot in my confidence. I would prepare for it, I'm better at it now, but far from perfect. It is a struggle.