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Discussion on: The Shocking Immaturity of JavaScript

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leob • Edited

Of course you're right - there are good JS libs and frameworks out there, but the problem is often there are too many ... "JS fatigue" and "JS churn" are famous for a reason.

With other languages and ecosystems I see more of an attitude like - okay we have a tool or framework here, it does have some issues, so how can we collaborate and work together to improve it? In the JS world it's often more like, "your framework or tool sucks, I know better - so I'm building my own!" - often more for glory and github stars, than for the benefit of the community.

And the result is often a huge amount of fragmentation and confusion.

Maybe I'm exaggerating, and my goal is not to bash JS (which in itself is a fine language, and which I like to use when appropriate), but I think you might say that in other communities/ecosystems there's often a more "mature" approach or attitude. Or at least it seems so.

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Giuseppe Silletti • Edited

What you're saying is true, but it's not necessary a bad thing. It means that you have tons of resources and libraries you can choose from for your project. I'd say it's more flexible than using a framework that makes decisions for you.

It's a bit like using React vs Angular

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Derek Shanks

It’s always evident when you have pro JavaScript devs who glorify JS and all the the things you can do with it. The typical ‘Maybe you’re wrong and I’m smarter than you attitude’ is why many tend to not discuss the problems of JavaScript.

JavaScript is overworked and overused within the web application and software realm. It’s terrible to sit through technical interviews and constantly be at disadvantage trying to remember all of the syntactical flavourings that JavaScript has to offer.

We rely on tools. JavaScript is over engineered and writes differently from library to library. ReactJS is a great example. Class based React components are barely recognizable compared to Hooks version.

I haven’t worked on a class based React project in a long time. During a recent technical interview I couldn’t recognize the older class patterns on the spot. Blew a hole right through my interview as I was out of practice on an older version of React.

I haven’t even discussed TypeScript. Which is just JavaScript with another syntactical costume on. Again, it does not write the same as anything else in the ecosystem.

I recently finished a project, ThreeJS, GSAP, React and Express. I was exhausted by the constant syntactical changes within each library. Import and exports alone were frustrating enough that I had to rewrite my webpack configuration so that my import / exports behaved in a somewhat predictable manner.

It’s a problem that needs to be acknowledged. Not ignored.

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Yoon Wai Yan • Edited

This is my favorite comment here. Developers are not to be blamed if something is not working out of the box. As a seasoned developer myself, I still stumbled upon breaking builds and had to spend many many hours to make things work in my local environment which could be used for much more meaningful work.

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