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Similar to "Type the name of this to delete" questions you get on Github and many other platforms.

I just copy and paste what they say to type...

Type klkhslskkhsdgkjssdgshldgskhjgjkl to delete:

Command C, Command V, Enter. Done.

That's what you're supposed to do, but it makes you look at the klkhslskkhsdgkjssdgshldgskhjgjkl with your eyes at least once, and prevents Up+Enter+Enter in console.

There's plenty of things that seem to think requesting you to type something prevents destructive things, though. When you do it so often, you have trained yourself to ignore the prompt.

Github requests (nicely) that you type it out, but at least I can copy and paste klkhslskkhsdgkjssdgshldgskhjgjkl and Enter and be done with it without thinking.

Guild Wars 2 makes you type an item name before deleting it, but only for "rare enough" items. But since there's no formula for what items do and don't need it, everyone blindly types it to dismiss the stupid pop up for a junk item (even when the item actually isn't junk, whoops!)

Scripts to do destructive things on prod requesting a y or something are going to be blindly followed to finish the task at hand. Like, entering a password due to a sudo command is second nature. Thinking about whether or not you needed sudo in the first place isn't typically a part of that process.

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