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Discussion on: I can’t get the time off work to attend Web Summit. Anybody want two tickets?

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Mai Le • Edited

Hi Joel - We are, an AI company in the marketing / ad-tech space. If we are picked, and if you ever want to use our product, I'd arrange for an exclusive heavy discount, pricing at cost base just for you (e.g. say, 70% off monthly subscription forever)

  1. Why you want the tickets: The Web Summit will be an excellent lead generation tool for us as we are a B2B SaaS company. My co-founder and I will go to Lisbon for this in order to acquire as many clients as we can.
  2. How the event will benefit you: More clients, some investor networking, a lot of educational opportunities.
  3. How many tickets you’d like? (1 or 2): 2 tickets - for me and my co-founder.

Thank you.