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Discussion on: The 5am {Hack}

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Lesley van der Pol

I think whether this works will depend a lot on the situation and the person. If you are chasing something and need this extra time to get things done then that'll work out. I for one value time with my wife a lot at night when our daughter has gone to bed, and going to bed at 8pm (!?) or 9pm just to wake up at 5am wouldn't work for me and feels like I am just wasting time I could have with my family.

I'm not sure why it would be considered a "hack", since all you're doing is moving your daily schedule. Where you have more time in the morning you lose time at night.

I start "early" myself at around 7am which is also a time where most of my development team hasn't started working yet so I can get some free time in without disturbance.