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How I got 450+ followers and all the Streak badges in four months

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I am a fifteen-year-old christian Homeschooler that is crazy about coding. I've been coding for about four years now. I also use HTML, CSS, JS, Flask (Python), PHP, SQL, React, P5js, and more!
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How I got there

I joined about five months ago and have been writing articles every once in a while. I wrote about 2-3 posts a week about what I made, some tutorials, and more.

Once I knew that had badges, I said "I want to earn the 16 week badge in sixteen weeks, starting now" and then started writing a ton of articles.

If you want to achieve that goal, you can't be shy and you can't just write junk either. You have to write good articles about what you've been doing, what projects you've made, and some things that can help others.

The 450 followers, I have no idea how I got all of them. It's just when I write a post, I get about 5-25 followers in each one for some reason.

How you can get there

If you want to get the streak badge, you are going to have to write a minimum of one post per week for about four months.
Remember, what counts is the quality of your posts and what you write about.
It does take persistance to write every week, but once you get the hang of it and stop being shy, it's an easy thing to do.

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