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Discussion on: The Imposter Syndrome. Why you feel like a fake.

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Lewis Menelaws Author

Loved the reply John. Also, welcome to the community. Let me answer each question in the order you sent me :)

  1. Yes Imposter Syndrome is actually a thing. Primarily it's a thing when first entering the field or job like you said above or when a big change happens within yourself. Sometimes it's anti-climactic which makes us think that this line of work isn't for us, especially considering that today you might do well while the next day you don't.

  2. It is not exclusive to the tech industry. It happens in lots of different fields. It's a scary thing.

  3. Since is a community of developers, a lot of range of topics come up. My last post about burnout as a developer went huge on this website and I think it's mostly because as developers we want to feel similar as well as we learn new languages. Sometimes learning is best when you can also reflect on yourself (or the whole industry).

  4. Although it can be dangerous, I do think that every developer needs to feel the imposter syndrome on some level. However, you as a manager need to realise that sometimes devs will run into times where they feel like they aren't qualified or aren't right for the job. When you spend too much time on a problem, it's easier to give up rather than taking a break and thinking about it from an outside perspective.

Thanks for the comment John, it really made me step away from my keyboard and think through it all.