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Discussion on: How to grow in a developer career despite being introvert?

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Lewis Menelaws

I think Introverts do really well in this industry as well as extroverts.

I think there is a common misconception between the two types of personality. One being social and easy with people while the other is fairly awkward and doesn't like talking to people. To put it in perspective, everyone gets nervous at the thought of speaking in front of a large audience. I know introverts can do talks while extroverts can do a desk job all day.

I believe the difference between a developer and a senior developer is communication. In your job, you will be working with other developers who create projects for users that can be businesses or consumers. The similarity between all of these different entities is they are all human. Software is here to serve the need for humans, which is why communication is extremely important in software development (and any other job really).

As an introvert, you can probably focus on working on your skills as a software developer, but also on your skills of explaining your product.

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Leonardo Teteo Author

I usually get more comfortable when I know very well what I'm saying, explaining technical stuff for other developers is not a problem generally. I don't deal with clients right now, but the opportunity will certainly arise. I have to improve for this moment.

Also, communication can be done in many forms. Where I work we generally talk by messenger and everybody is fine with it, but we do speak when it is necessary. The communication is good despite that. Like I said in the post when I mentioned Square, the communication may not be spoken and that's completely fine.