Discussion on: Hello Newbies in Tech! Try This Powerful Tool by Microsoft to use Linux Effortlessly with Windows OS

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Janne "Lietu" Enberg

It is expected for them to have issues because of the way it's implemented. Which makes the way it's been implemented bad for everyone, and the fact that e.g. Docker's default Windows installation depends on it pretty distasteful.

No, VirtualBox does not work in an acceptable way. I don't care about VMWare because it's not widespread, affordable, and manageable with vagrant and other such tools, so it may or may not work but it doesn't change my ability to use Hyper-V at all. No it will not keep getting better when Microsoft is actively working against that goal.

This is basically Microsoft trying to kill all other virtualization options in favor of Hyper-V - in a sensible world this should land Microsoft in yet another antitrust lawsuit.