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What you should have an issue with is the terms black and white, not blacklist, and white hat.

I'm not white, and I've never met a black person. I'm pretty pale, and I've met some people with brown or pretty dark skin.

Also, welcome to the Internet. This is not the United States. Most people on the Internet are in fact not from the United States, so when posting on general forums it's pretty distasteful to say "this country" and assume everyone is from the United States. History outside of the U.S. exists, and except the pretty recent history of the U.S. slavery is not really a race issue.

Master-slave control is perfectly describing what is going on, no race involved.

Whitelists, blacklists, white hats, black hats, white shirts, black shirts. They have nothing to do with race, no matter how much you might want to imagine they do. If these terms confuse you, stop using the terms "white" and "black" to refer to races, and promote use of better ones, instead of trying to change the terms in tech.

Also btw Git sucks, and among its mistakes is the term "master", it was never a particularly descriptive term - Mercurial does it (like most things) better and calls it "default". In case of Git "master" seems to hint at "master copy", which can in no way exist in a distributed version control system. There is no way however to understand "master" as in any way related to slavery, or even if it was, then to link slavery to a question of race.

This kind of "I'm offended" -culture and assuming just because you imagine offense somewhere, you're entitled to make other people care, is quite irritating.

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