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re: What should be your #1 priority is always productivity. Figure out how to do things, get the thing you need to do done, then try and figure out how...

Oh and e.g. I've been a heavy user of Python for many years, I'm still regularly surprised of features the Python standard library includes, but it's more like "oh, neat" (and then usually forgetting about it) instead of "oh damn I would've done my job so much better all these years if I had known about that".

I definitely agree with you on both these posts. I've seen it said that a good senior dev's code looks more obvious than a junior dev's, simply because they'll produce what is both readable and efficient - which includes not using some of the weirder syntax and obscure features. But by the same token, you can get people trying to learn who are hopping around so quickly between languages (whenever they get bored of the current one or find another one more interesting), that they don't give themselves a chance to get a solid foundation (or even a "SOLID" foundation). I'd rather solve a new problem in the same language than have to relearn how to solve it - but I'm also a newer developer, so I know that will be different once I have a couple more languages under my belt.

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