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Discussion on: Case against premade CSS frameworks (and Design systems)

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Janne "Lietu" Enberg

Ah, looks like the poor comment reply pages made me confuse you with another person.

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Vladimir Jovanović Author

If I didn't appreciate a dialogue, I wouldn't have responded in the first place.

You didn't propose anything fresh ;) It takes experience to see what is old (these million times reused frameworks, for example) and then to propose an idea how to improve on it, for example to dare to create new design systems and personal CSS frameworks that could be expanded and improved.

You will understand it, give it some tome. Don't rush it, just enjoy your learning for now, because there is a long way ahead of you ;)

All best!

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By fresh perspective, all I meant was perspective, a point of view based on nothing but the present, without much fore-knowledge of the topic. Not necessarily a fresh proposal or a new idea...

But yes, bloated old frameworks are in great need of improvement. That's no different to most bloated old code that needs reworking. Not all frameworks are old and bloated, however. Plus - old or not, all modern frameworks are (or at least, should be) built to be customised to your own design.

Anyway, I feel like we're now starting to go in circles.