Discussion on: Local development with HTTPS on OSX

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Janne "Lietu" Enberg

After thinking of this a bit more, I really hope you're not saying your devs are running your backend and frontend code directly on their main OS. You're not likely running OSX on your production servers, and that kind of discrepancy alone can lead to issues, even if your devs would never work on any other thing on that same laptop (which is unlikely).

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Sten Author

Thanks for the Vagrant tip, part of our stack is on Heroku (small team, rather pay Heroku to deal with Ops) so I'm not sure it would solve the "mirror prod" issue. What we do instead is to use Docker to make sure we all use the same versions of the dependencies (languages and services) and to be as close as possible to the Heroku stack.

We have a monolith for the backend and our frontend on S3 + Cloudfront so our current approach was fitting our use case but I definitely want to switch to proper certificates as soon as possible.

I'm definitely not proud of the --ignore-certificate-errors as it's a risk in itself.