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Discussion on: 99 problems but Python ain't one!

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Janne "Lietu" Enberg

Your argument is quickly devolving into random ramblings.

8GB sounds like you had plenty of RAM to give a gig to your IDE and browser to make your life more convenient and faster. If you feel like your browser is taking too much RAM, switch to another one or uninstall the plugins that are wasting your RAM. Not really relevant to this discussion.

How did you come to the that makes life for most people less bearable conclusion? If I write my service faster, and all you will see is that it works and you got a new feature faster than if I had tried to write it doing premature useless optimization, how did it make your life less bearable? And it sure didn't make my life less bearable, I can focus on writing the next feature instead of worrying about how to optimize the code.

This of course does not mean "never optimize anything", that's just a stupid assumption. You optimize where it matters, when the CPU/RAM usage gets too high you optimize. It simply seems that the definition of "too high" for you is a cloud castle that you yourself fail to accept is impossible to reach - again, for quite a large number of problems CPU and RAM usage cannot both be optimized at the same time.

This thread is pointless for me to continue on, you're failing to bring relevant arguments to the table and ignoring every argument against your case.

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how did it make your life less bearable?

Again, it does not matter for my life. I have enough money to throw new hardware at my software every few years because it requires more and more resources. I am not the majority though - and frankly, I'm not happy with that.