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Discussion on: Developer eXperience. How I missed it before?

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Janne "Lietu" Enberg • Edited on

Parts of Developer Experience:

  • Sign up and login to your platform
  • Documentation (access, clarity, ease of use, realistic example use-cases, etc.)
  • Ready made libraries, examples, etc.
  • Issue tracking systems
  • Feature requests
  • Support
  • Clear vocabulary

If you're providing code, frameworks, libraries and such:

  • Code quality
  • Error handling
  • Good public APIs (function signatures make sense, arguments make sense, ...)
  • Naming
  • Genericity (is that a word?) - working nicely together with other tools
  • Docblocks etc. that allow IDEs to work great
  • Not depending on black magic that confuse IDEs
  • Easy testability