Discussion on: Improve Your Windows Development Environment

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Janne "Lietu" Enberg

Definitely Chocolatey's worst part is that it's still so little used, so you always forget it exists and you've installed something via it.

when you create a new file, you can keep it in a tab and it autosaves without actually saving. Eg. the file has no place in the file system but exists without failure in NP++

Yea that's what I do in Sublime Text too - I just open a new "file" for temporary notes. They survive a reboot, without having to ever save anywhere.

I'm currently using Bash/WSL for SSH which might sound weird but works for me. I tend to not use Putty/Pageant.

I've been trying to get Gnome-Terminal to reliably launch via a simple shortcut in Windows to a X Server running locally, but for some reason that thing just regularly fails to launch .. if I could get that thing working, then I'd just SSH from the WSL as well.

Without something like Gnome-Terminal (or maybe LXTerm) working properly I don't find it a reasonable option.