Discussion on: What's a useful programming language feature or concept that a lot of languages don't have?

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Janne "Lietu" Enberg

Having worked mostly with Elm, Python and Go lately, there's a LOT of things I miss when working with other languages.

  1. Good and clear ecosystems - Elm's automatic versioning is ingenious, Python has a pretty solid selection of libraries and with Pipenv it's even a bit better than standard, and Go is getting pretty solid as well. There's also no excessive use of microlibraries that add one basic function that everyone depends on multiple times in their dependency tree.

  2. Joy of development - constantly cursing why the language and it's standard libraries are missing very basic things, debugging being a pain, the runtime environments or compilers not catching super obvious errors (ever done a setTimeout(callback(), 1000) and realized that JS engines don't throw exceptions when setTimeout callback is undefined?), are just not things that happen a lot with these languages

  3. Clear standards - gofmt, PEP-8, and similar just save so much headaches. IDEs are configured by default to have one shortcut to reformat the whole file to the language standard, or even just reformat on save, etc. .. saves so much hassle overall

  4. Good concurrency model - Go's channels and goroutines are such an awesome thing to work with, and it always pisses me off when I have to work with any other style because they take so much more work to make reliable

  5. Clear frontend application model - with Elm you get so much certainty over how things are going to work due to how the language is designed. You avoid whole classes of problems because you just always build your applications in a specific way, and it's the right way for at least most cases.

  6. The flexibility - there's almost never a situation where I think "I wonder if I can do this in Python" and the answer is "no". With the whole language being built with well done duck typing instead of e.g. unpredictable type juggling, it's a breeze to do so many things. Similarly with Go, the interface system allows me to customize things a lot more than I would ever have expected from such a low level language.

These are just the things that come to mind in the first few minutes.