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Discussion on: Newbie at bash scripting? Here's some advice

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Janne "Lietu" Enberg

I sure hope that

1) you have a way to rollback failing releases instead of having your production down for an hour because you have a typo somewhere in your database migrations or similar
2) you don't build your massive deployment systems incl. migrations etc. with shell scripts

Yes, there's different log levels for different things, and since shell scripting is shell scripting it shouldn't really be used to build massive scripts, and also because it's shell scripting and prone to all kinds of mysterious and obscure errors everywhere you benefit a lot from having the -x enabled.

Instead you should use something more akin to e.g. Python (maybe using libraries such as Invoke or Pynt), possibly Ruby/Go/Rust or other such language with tooling that helps you build solid CLI tools.

And then you should use the best tools like Spinnaker, or e.g. Azure DevOps's release pipelines, to orchestrate your releases on the higher level so you don't have to reinvent the wheel while building your release tooling.