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Janne "Lietu" Enberg

Just to clarify a few things: You don't use WebHooks for "client side" events, i.e. browsers.

They are meant for server to server notifications, when your backend wants to be notified of payments from PayPal, or other such things.

For client notifications people typically use something like a WebSocket combined with a Pub/Sub (Publisher-Subscriber) system that can handle the distribution of events efficiently in near-realtime to connected clients.

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Johnson Ogwuru Author

awesome, thanks for this feedback

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Jarod Stewart

I think you may want to revise your article based on this feedback. Or at minimum remove the use-cases that you've mentioned that are incorrect.

I have maintained, created, and consumed many webhooks and I can concur, you would not use them for web apps for notifications, new tweets/posts, etc.

For more information on a webhook, I like to point to an old post my friends at SendGrid wrote: sendgrid.com/blog/whats-webhook/

Best of luck and continued learning!

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Rahimie Ahmad

Agreed. I think the article got it wrong when it starts to use long polling as comparison. As both websocket and webhook are totally different concepts.

Other than that, it's a good article about webhook (client-side part aside)

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