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Discussion on: Just starting out with Git and GitHub? It gets easier, honest!

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Janne "Lietu" Enberg

I would recommend you try out sensible version control systems written by people who are not primarily kernel developers, such as Mercurial (and BitBucket for hosting).

You'll likely have less trouble understanding what's going on, and you don't need to learn all these magical command line commands and gotchas, as it's built from ground up with the users in mind.

Similarly fully open source, and free hosting, just more sensible, easier to understand, easier to extend, etc., and additionally there's better GUI tools (e.g. TortoiseHG) for managing your repository that really help understand what's going on.

After you get comfortable with Mercurial, understanding the mess that is Git will be a bit easier, and you'll know to stay away from it whenever possible.